Custom Artwork (Read description at bottom)

I hear you're looking for something special! A one-of-kind piece of art! 

My commission artwork medium is digital paint instead of traditional paint. Same wow factor, same originality, same creativity. Digital cuts down on the cost of materials, time spent converting and shipping, thus making it more affordable for you! These are detailed illustrations that are penciled, digitally translated, and painted in Procreate.


Please contact me BEFORE ordering to make sure we have both agreed to the vision. Once the work has started, there are zero refunds. Please read the entire description. 

The base price of $125 includes the time I spend consulting, painting, and delivering a digital copy. It does not include the print. However, you can choose either a canvas print or a framed print, as well as adding extra elements to the painting using the options below. The total will be reflected on the next page. 

You are free to use the digital copy to get your own canvas/prints printed. But they are not for resale.

Each piece is assumed to have one central character that is the focus of the commission. Only add additional subjects if they are also the focus in the commission. 

Simple Environments refer to backgrounds that are not location-specific. Instead, they might have a faded symbol in the background, or a particular wash of a color(s). Since this is far less time consuming than full environments no additional fee is added.

Full Environments are specific to locations, such as on top of buildings or in a park. Detailed backgrounds such as nature, trees, rooms, etc. As they are much more demanding of time, additional costs are added to compensate.